Friday, May 15, 2009

"Why I won't ride anything but a Serfas Saddle"

Spokebuster for AIDS … and other causes
“Raising awareness through cycling.”

Why I won’t ride with anything but a Serfas Saddle.

In the past 10 years, I’ve ridden my a bicycle more than 28,000 miles through 19 states and 5 countries,raising awareness and money for AIDS and other causes; most of those miles using the Serfas Men’s Rx. Thesaddle is so comfortable, I’ve never had to use lubricants such as Butt Balm.
In 2002, I rode in the European AIDS Vaccine Ride a 7-day, 575-mile ride to fund AIDS vaccine research.While in Amsterdam, my bike and gear was stolen two days before the ride left for Paris. I had to buy a newbike in Amsterdam to do the Ride. The bike I bought came with what was suppose to be a nice, gel saddle.
By the third day of the ride, I think a pound of raw hamburger looked better than my bottom! It was the mostpainful 7 days I’ve ever ridden. I must have stopped at every bike shop between Amsterdam and Parislooking for a Serfas saddle, to no avail.
After the ride, I stayed in Paris touring the city for a week, staying with friend who lives on a houseboat righton the Seine. When I packed my bike for the flight home, the saddle when overboard. I didn’t even bring itback with me, and before I even unpacked the bike, I went to my local shop and bought another Serfas Men’sRx saddle.

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