Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Closing 2009

Serfas will be closed from 12/24/09 thru 1/3/10 in observance of the Christmas and New Year holidays.
Thank you for all your support in 2009 and have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Night Golf 4 days before Christmas...

Lining up for the shot

Yeah... firing through the ball

Sweet follow through

On Winter Solstice most people are sipping hot chocolate in front of a fire and trying to keep warm while watching the snow fall. Here in the OC, we sip coldies and play golf - at night. Above is Riley Bullock (Regional Sales Manager) that works in our Park City office. The native Utahn had never experienced playing golf at night, and has surely never played golf in December.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love this time of year...

Ahh - the Holiday Season at Serfas... It typically means plenty of Godiva, See's, Ghiradelli, Harry and David, Lindt, and plenty of homemade treats as well. Today we recieved a "custom" piece of Holiday cookie cheer from Mack Cycles of Miami, Florida (see picture above). It was very cool and actually quite tasty...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You can take it or Leif it...


The Leifster...

Leif - O - Rama...

Lief or Die...

Liefing is not a crime...

Drivers, cyclists share tips to stop deaths


Twenty-four hours after my column last week on driver-cyclist safety, Newport Beach police say Patricia Ann Izquieta veered into a bike lane, hit rider Donald Murphy and fled the scene.
Murphy, 49, was the 14th person this year to die riding a bike in our beautiful county. He left behind a wife, two children and a legacy of fitness and kindness.

I'm not sure what Izquieta, 37, left behind. But I know what's ahead: Legal bills, possible jail time and – if she was indeed the driver – a lifetime of waking up every day knowing she took someone else's life.
I've never met Izquieta. But I'm sure she's a good person. I'd also agree with the Murphy family, that she meant no malice, that she's a victim as well.
And that is what this column is about.
We can argue until we run out of oil whether cyclists are crazy for riding the roads alongside two-ton hunks of steel barreling along at 25, 35, 45 miles an hour. We can label them a bunch of dangerous scofflaws because of the acts of a few. We can say they should stick to stationary bikes, trails or find empty roads.
Or we can get real.
The simple fact is the law says cyclists have the right to the road. Same as drivers.
So let's stop pointing fingers, being victims and figure this thing out: Drivers and cyclists working together.
I invited many of you to share your thoughts on reducing the number of cycling fatalities in 2010. (If you'd like to be on my e-mail list drop me a note, Here is a sampling of e-mailed and online comments:
Howard Hull: "Have bike rodeos in elementary school; common sense is lacking with kids. Also, (stop) drivers with phones, texting etc."

Gordon Pardee: Cyclists in bike lanes should "not ride two or three abreast as they often do. That is suicidal behavior – a split second distraction on the part of an otherwise safe and cautious driver could permanently end their cycling days."

Kathy Ulrich: "I see a lone bicyclist or groups of bicyclists blow through red lights and stop signs, also bicyclists who ride in the street facing traffic."

Larry Weisenthal: "Outlaw all wireless communication in automobiles – hands free or not. It's a jungle out there."

Opher Banarie: "More than half the cyclists I see on the road wear ear buds that I suspect are playing music loud enough to blot out all but police sirens."

Victor Ray: "I ride to work lit up like a Christmas tree with LEDs with a bright orange reflective vest."

Brianguy: "Practice riding in a straight line. It's not as easy as it sounds and not automatic. Start by following a straight line on flat ground, then do it on a curve, then do it uphill.

Jae2460: "Assume a car can't see you, unless you make eye contact with the driver. Ride / drive predictably."

Sdbrit68: If you are a cyclist, maintain a line. Don't blame me if you get side-swiped because you suddenly lose your line and swerve out. If the cops would just start ticketing them, maybe then cyclists would learn."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Orange County Swap Meet Photos

Lots of new faces and some familiar faces in the crowd at the Orange County Swap Meet this past Saturday. In true Swap Meet tradition - I heard of folks trading a Starbucks Coffee for a brand new pair of Canari cycling shorts! Sounds like a good deal to me. Thank you to all those who participated: Haro, KHS, Profile Design, Rock N Road Cyclery, etc. and to the Serfas staff that helped make this event another big success...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Night Saver Lights are in stock now...

The highly anticipated Serfas "Nightsaver" lights are instock now and shipping. Pictured above is how one retailer (Cadence 120) decided to merchandise the lights. Cadence 120 said that their sales have increased since displaying them this way... Available with white or red LED's and come in a variety of colored shells: Black, Grey, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, and Pink.
MSRP $15

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here comes the Sun

While many of us would love to outfit our homes with massive, energy-saving solar panels, the cost can be somewhat of a deterrent. There are, however, small ways that you can harness the sun’s energy without making a huge financial investment.
With a little ingenuity, you can start a solar project and end up saving money in the long run. Even though the weather is starting to cool down, the sun is still out and about – so start soaking up some rays!
Outdoor solar lights: Whether you want to illuminate your garden or light up an entire backyard, you have plenty of options. Installation is often as easy as sticking a spike in the ground, so you can forget hiring a professional to uproot your garden for wiring. Small, outdoor solar lights sell for as low as $10. Not only are they practically effortless to install and maintain, but you also won’t spend a small fortune to replace them when necessary. Need some inspiration? Check out The Solar Garden at where you’ll find a variety of stylish lamps to light up your yard.
Chargers: Let’s face it: Most of us live our lives around cell phones, laptops, digital cameras and MP3 players. While they take up our time, why let them use up extra energy? Solar chargers are available for most any gadget and come in a wide range of wattage. Many chargers are portable and start around $20 – roughly the same price as pesky plug-ins. Visit to see what’s out there. They even have automotive solar chargers that work in cloudy weather! There’s something for everyone; hikers, for instance, will greatly appreciate the solar backpacks.
Tubular skylights: If completely transforming your home into an eco-friendly habitat is not financially plausible, then consider the next best option – tubular skylights. Also known as solar tubes or tubular daylighting devices, these cylinders are usually about 10 to 12 inches in diameter and are installed in areas of your roof that receive many hours of direct sunlight per day. When the light collector is mounted, the sunlight is absorbed through the reflective tube and makes its way down to the diffuser lens on your ceiling. The result is instant light without taking a chunk out of your roof as with a traditional skylight. Many people insist you can mount a tubular skylight yourself, but homes with metal or tiled roofing may require a professional. While tubing starts from $150 to $600, it will save you much, much more on your monthly electric bill.
With a little imagination and motivation, going solar can be easy, affordable and extremely rewarding. The expense of heating and cooling, two big budget-breakers, can be alleviated with solar space heaters and solar attic fans. Forget about that pricey pool heater – how about a solar pool cover? Many solar panels and structures can be made by hand and are adaptable to countless tasks, from cooking to water purifying. Handyman Phil Heiple offers a guide for making your own solar-powered generator that can power a computer, TV and lights – for under $300! So roll up your sleeves and help Mother Nature out. You’ll be doing both the environment and yourself a big favor.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Serfas' Park City Office = 13 inches

This was the scene this morning at our Park City facility... Nice work Riley!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bacon Explosion revealed, just in time for the Holidays

This legendary recipe has been satisfying pork lovers for years. Although I have not personally tasted one, I still remain completely fascinated by the Bacon Explosion. According to the BBQ Addicts website, you can order a fully prepared version for $29.99. For the more adventurous, here are the basics on creating your own...

For the complete recipe visit:

You start with 2 lbs of thick cut bacon, 2 lbs of Italian sausage, BBQ seasonings, and BBQ sauce

After weaving the bacon (1lb of bacon) - you add the sausage, crispy fried bacon bits (other 1lb of bacon) , BBQ seasoning and some BBQ sauce to the center and roll it up. Put it on the smoker and smoke at 250 degrees with hickory wood.

Cooking times will vary based on the diameter of your explosion. 3 inch diameter requires 3 hours of smoking at 250 degrees

In the end - pure satisfaction!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lucky Cyclist or Stupid Cyclist? You decide...

This is the story of one lucky cyclist on what was a really nice bike...

A bicyclist and the driver of a Jeep Cherokee have been taken to a hospital after the Jeep collided with the bike on Santiago Canyon Road near Irvine Lake in an unincorporated area of eastern Orange County. Gina Aubrey of the Orange County Fire Authority said the bicyclist suffered moderate injuries, while the driver of the Jeep is probably in critical condition.

"(The bicyclist) got a free lesson on why you should wear a helmet," Aubrey said. Julia Tester, a Silverado Canyon resident, said she saw the Jeep hit the bicyclist from behind. The Jeep rolled over several times, she said. "He (the bicyclist) is the luckiest guy alive because he was not wearing a helmet," Tester said.
The bicycle, a carbon fiber Colnago, was broken in half. Lanes were closed after the crash. Santiago Canyon Road near Irvine Lake has since reopened. (Santiago Canyon Road at the 55 in both directions will be closed until 2 p.m. for construction work.)
The stretch of road, with a shoulder about 8 feet wide, is popular with bicyclists.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bicycle Swap Meet 12/5/09

Serfas is hosting a Bicycle Swap Meet on Saturday December 5, 2009 from 8am-Noon. We are expecting another large crowd. Come early to get the best deals. Perfect time to get a Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life...
For More Information please contact James Thomas
Orange County Bicycle Swap Meet will be held on Saturday 12/5/09 from 8am-Noon at
29752 Avenida De Las Banderas
Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca. 92688
Admission and Parking are FREE!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Serfas welcomes Leif to the family...

Leif Hagman— No relation to Larry Hagman - will be responsible for inside sales for: WI, MN, IA, SD, ND, KS, NE. Leif will be based in Wisconsin and comes from the retail side of the industry. He managed D.C. Bikes in Sturgeon Bay, WI for a number of years. Leif and his wife are avid sport racers and enjoy all facets of cycling. Leif can be reached at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Team USA rider Bryan Burt LOVES his Serfas Isla's...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Bike Camper - this thing is legit...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Newport Beach man cycles 27 miles in one hour to set record

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NEWPORT BEACH – A Corona del Mar man has set a world record for his age group in a prestigious cycling event that's seen as a classic test of human endurance.
Kenny Fuller, 61, set the mark Thursday at the Home Depot Center Velodrome, an indoor cycling arena in Carson with an oval-shaped track that is tilted inward.
Known as the "hour record," the straightforward event dates to the 19th century and is simply a test of how far one can cycle in one hour.
Fuller set the mark in the 60-plus age group, traveling 44.3 kilometers (27.5 miles) to best the previous record of 43.6 kilometers, according to Roger Young, director of the Home Depot Velodrome.
For Fuller, the record is the latest milestone in a long cycling career that includes many world and national titles, not to mention a wedding this year to which he and his bride arrived on a tandem bicycle.
"Very few riders attempt the record, and those who set it are considered icons of the sport," Young said. "The attempt itself is more of a crusade, itself requiring specialized training and preparation as well as a very large quantity of determination."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Coolest Bike Product Ever...

I have not tried this yet, but it incorporates 2 of my favorite activities. My only suggestion would be a cooler attachement...
For more info:
The TowCaddy pulls behind any bicycle, then detaches at the golf course to become a pushcart on the fairway. So for the young...and young at heart living a few blocks or a few miles from a course, the TowCaddy lets you get to there without having to drive. Now, maybe you like spending an arm and a leg at the pump or clocking out of work to taxi your kids to and from the course. But if you want to be more fit, help your kids be more active, or simply burn less gas, the TowCaddy will help both the earth, and your bank account be a bit more green.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Could you live in a home towed by a bicycle?

Forget about being foreclosured, waiting forever on a short sale or having any trouble getting a loan mod.
This guy may have the answer:
I spotted him on a blog post submitted to by Huntington Beach Realtor Thomas M. Abercrombie.
It states, “Why tow around a bus-sized motorhome when you can create a 100-pound trailer that has nearly everything you need?”
Apparently, this self-sufficient ‘homeowner’ spent a week living this way at the Burning Man festival in the desert.
The tiny home has a wind turbine on top. Meals are cooked in a solar oven, and a solar water heating system heats water for showers and ‘kitchen’ use.
Here are the sleeping accommodations. Starry, starry night?

The post says the man built his micro home as a “design study” on how to live in a self-sufficient way.
What about you?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Show us your Serfas!!!

With the money he saved on his Serfas optics...Serfas' own Chris Manny was able to purchase this sweet hat.

Not only are his sunglasses filled with his eyewear prescription, but at $50 they come with 4 lenses, a hard case, soft bag, and a comfortable fit that is priceless.

Check out our latest prescription compatible sunglasses:

Chris is our sales representative in the Arizona / Las Vegas part of the country. Make sure to give him a warm "HOWDY" if you see him at this years at Interbike.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mega Millions Lottery reaches $333 Million

Hurry and get your tickets, the Mega Millions lottery is estimated to reach $333 Million for tonights drawing. Serfas has a small office pool going. If you have a hard time getting through on the telephone on Monday - don't say we did'nt warn you.

Although -Serfas does have an office in Utah that will be open for sure on Monday 8/31/09, since they cannot participate in Mega Millions...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fresh Bike Video


Can't understand what their saying, but there are some cool rides in it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Serfas welcomes Juan to the family

Serfas would like extend a warm to welcome Juan Gudino. Juan was hired as a Regional Sales Manager and will be working our of Serfas' global headquarters in beautiful Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca.

Juan is new to the bicycle business but comes to us with an extensive Real Estate backround. When he is not riding his recumbant bicycle, Juan enjoys watching and playing team sports with his sons (3). Their favorite teams: Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys.

Juan can be reached at: or 800-424-0047 X 209

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worst Vanity Plate in the World

I know what your thinking. To answer your question - "No" that is not John Denson's Mercedes

Friday, August 14, 2009

Danny MacAskill shows off his amazing talent


Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cash for clunkers program expands into bikes

One of our favorite retailers is expanding the cash for clunkers program into bikes. You can dig out that old dust collector of a bicycle and "push, pull, or drag" it into Macomb Bike & Fitness in Warren, MI. to get $50 towards the purchase of a new bike. For more information:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cycling Couple pedal into marriage

NEWPORT BEACH – Love will make you do crazy things. Just ask Kenny Fuller and Pamela Mooney, cycling aficionados who tied the knot early this morning while wearing Spandex, and while standing outside a Peet's Coffee and Tea, where their romance started.
The Corona del Mar couple rode up on their special version of a stretch limo (a $12,000 tandem bicycle) while wearing their special versions of wedding attire (a tuxedo jersey for him, a white gown jersey for her).
Instead of "Bridal March," speakers piped out "Olympic Fanfare" as the lovebirds arrived. After pedaling through the shopping center parking lot, the two came to a halt amid 100 or so friends, family and fellow cyclists, who formed an aisle out of 20-speed bicycles.
"I never heard of such a thing, but I think it's fun," said Irene Fuller, mother of the groom.
Mooney, a 46-year-old personal trainer, and Fuller, a 61-year-old former cycling pro, arranged their first date while chatting two years ago at Peet's, and the rest is history.
"Next thing I know I bought her coffee, started dating, and now we're getting married," Fuller said before today's wedding.
The two have each had a previous marriage, and so didn't want a big to-do of things. To have it at Peet's seemed natural, since it's a gathering spot for all their cycling buddies. The biking theme was also a given, since they both enjoy the sport and since Fuller, a two-time Olympian, has won three dozen national cycling championships and five world titles.
"The bike is who we are; it represents a gigantic part of our life, and Kenny's life especially," said Mooney, who is taking her husband's last name.
Instead of invitations, news of the nuptials "percolated out of the morning coffee talk" that brings the cycling crowd to Peet's a couple times each week.
As the couple stood before a minister on the cafĂ© patio, bystanders looked up – eyebrows raised high – from their papers and coffee to take in the spectacle.
After a few anecdotes about their time together, the two proclaimed their vows, exchanged rings – after removing their cycling gloves – and shared a deep kiss as the crowd cheered.
"I think it's been done before – people have been married on bikes," said friend Tina Stellhorn of Silverado Canyon. "But I don't know about at a coffee shop at 8 in the morning."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Take Home Test Ride" at Dirt Demo in Boulder Canyon Sept.21, 2009

Serfas Optics will be offering a "Take Home Test Ride" on some of its most popular performance eyewear. This is your chance to score a free set of Serfas shades and see what all the fuss is about. Use them on your demo rides in Boulder Canyon, then take them home and put them to the test on your regular ride. Serfas Optics will be located at Dirt Demo Booth # D2034.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A model of physical fitness

**Beware** if you see this animal in a bike lane or on a trail near you - steer clear. This is the body of a highly trained millitary elitist. BTW - Bowflex called, they will give you a full refund if you promise to never tell anyone you used their equipment...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Serfas TL-ST gets some love on Urban Velo

Urban Velo recently did a product review of our new TL-ST Seat Stay Light.

My friends and regular readers of this blog know that my theory on bike lights is, “more light, more better.” To that end, I’m a big fan of this little number from Serfas. The Serfas Seat Stay taillight features a red ½ watt LED bulb in the center and three regular LED bulbs on either side. The light’s silicone body is water-resistant and flexible enough to allow it to be mounted to almost any tube on the bike.

For the full review:

Friday, July 24, 2009

You know what this is...

It's the money our dealers are saving by ordering with Serfas...