Monday, September 14, 2009

Coolest Bike Product Ever...

I have not tried this yet, but it incorporates 2 of my favorite activities. My only suggestion would be a cooler attachement...
For more info:
The TowCaddy pulls behind any bicycle, then detaches at the golf course to become a pushcart on the fairway. So for the young...and young at heart living a few blocks or a few miles from a course, the TowCaddy lets you get to there without having to drive. Now, maybe you like spending an arm and a leg at the pump or clocking out of work to taxi your kids to and from the course. But if you want to be more fit, help your kids be more active, or simply burn less gas, the TowCaddy will help both the earth, and your bank account be a bit more green.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Could you live in a home towed by a bicycle?

Forget about being foreclosured, waiting forever on a short sale or having any trouble getting a loan mod.
This guy may have the answer:
I spotted him on a blog post submitted to by Huntington Beach Realtor Thomas M. Abercrombie.
It states, “Why tow around a bus-sized motorhome when you can create a 100-pound trailer that has nearly everything you need?”
Apparently, this self-sufficient ‘homeowner’ spent a week living this way at the Burning Man festival in the desert.
The tiny home has a wind turbine on top. Meals are cooked in a solar oven, and a solar water heating system heats water for showers and ‘kitchen’ use.
Here are the sleeping accommodations. Starry, starry night?

The post says the man built his micro home as a “design study” on how to live in a self-sufficient way.
What about you?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Show us your Serfas!!!

With the money he saved on his Serfas optics...Serfas' own Chris Manny was able to purchase this sweet hat.

Not only are his sunglasses filled with his eyewear prescription, but at $50 they come with 4 lenses, a hard case, soft bag, and a comfortable fit that is priceless.

Check out our latest prescription compatible sunglasses:

Chris is our sales representative in the Arizona / Las Vegas part of the country. Make sure to give him a warm "HOWDY" if you see him at this years at Interbike.