Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Optics Testomonial

We get a ton of emails that come into daily. This one was too good not to share with everyone. Enjoy...
From: Karin Kathler [] Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 10:35 AMTo: info@serfas.comSubject: Great Product!... I love 'em

Hi there!I purchase a pair of your sunglasses last spring (2008) ... They are the sport version with 3 interchangeable lenses.I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE them!I play a lot of sports and do a lot of outdoor activities... They NEVER fall off and are SO comfortable. I have recommended them to everyone I know... I often get a lot of comments on them too – people actually coming up to me and telling me that they “like” my shades!

I even RAN OVER them with my quad!!! ... Actually 4 quads ran over them. I was not thinking and hung them on my shirt while quading last fall. Hit a bump and they fell off. On our way BACK my 8 year old son noticed them laying on the ground.... He pulled over to pick them up and 4 of us on different quads all drove by him and of course OVER the the sunglasses!He bent down to pick them up... And they were a mess.... The lenses had fallen off, arms had come off and they were covered in mud and dirt!I stuffed the pieces into my pocket to throw away later ... When we got back – my son wanted to play with the pieces – so I gave them to him and a few minutes later he came back with them ON HIS HEAD and exclaimed “I fixed them – I get to keep them”!!!I couldn’t believe it... All the pieces went back together VERY easily and only slight scratches on the lenses (I still wear those lenses when playing ball) .. The only gluing I had to do was a small amount to the rubber nose piece!

Thanks for making a GREAT product that is reliable and AFFORDABLE!

Karin KathlerKelowna, British ColumbiaCanada

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