Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Newport Beach man cycles 27 miles in one hour to set record

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NEWPORT BEACH – A Corona del Mar man has set a world record for his age group in a prestigious cycling event that's seen as a classic test of human endurance.
Kenny Fuller, 61, set the mark Thursday at the Home Depot Center Velodrome, an indoor cycling arena in Carson with an oval-shaped track that is tilted inward.
Known as the "hour record," the straightforward event dates to the 19th century and is simply a test of how far one can cycle in one hour.
Fuller set the mark in the 60-plus age group, traveling 44.3 kilometers (27.5 miles) to best the previous record of 43.6 kilometers, according to Roger Young, director of the Home Depot Velodrome.
For Fuller, the record is the latest milestone in a long cycling career that includes many world and national titles, not to mention a wedding this year to which he and his bride arrived on a tandem bicycle.
"Very few riders attempt the record, and those who set it are considered icons of the sport," Young said. "The attempt itself is more of a crusade, itself requiring specialized training and preparation as well as a very large quantity of determination."

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