Thursday, September 10, 2009

Could you live in a home towed by a bicycle?

Forget about being foreclosured, waiting forever on a short sale or having any trouble getting a loan mod.
This guy may have the answer:
I spotted him on a blog post submitted to by Huntington Beach Realtor Thomas M. Abercrombie.
It states, “Why tow around a bus-sized motorhome when you can create a 100-pound trailer that has nearly everything you need?”
Apparently, this self-sufficient ‘homeowner’ spent a week living this way at the Burning Man festival in the desert.
The tiny home has a wind turbine on top. Meals are cooked in a solar oven, and a solar water heating system heats water for showers and ‘kitchen’ use.
Here are the sleeping accommodations. Starry, starry night?

The post says the man built his micro home as a “design study” on how to live in a self-sufficient way.
What about you?

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