Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ikea gives away 12,400 Bicycles

IKEA yesterday delivered bicycles to all US employees as a year-end bonus, saying "This is our way of saying 'thanks IKEA co-workers for being strongly committed to working together.' We hope this bike will be taken in the spirit of the season while supporting a healthy lifestyle and everyday sustainable transport," in press release.

Here's the bike:

IKEA gave all its US employees a bike just like the one shown. Triple chain-ring, no identifiable brand, and IKEA Swedish flag colors gracing the frame.

No word on the maker of these models, although custom frame makers will sometimes produce lesser-known brands. (IKEA gifted its staff of 9,000 UK employees with folding bikes in 2006. Those bikes were made by Raleigh.)

This IKEA bike looks fairly low-cost, but 12,400 bikes is a lot of kronor, and it's the thought that matters.

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