Friday, September 3, 2010

Paraplegic Daredevil Completes First Double Backflip in a Wheelchair

He's 18. And he's paraplegic. And he makes us look like complete and utter wusses. Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham is so good in a wheelchair, he can do backflips. Two to be exact. Catapulted by a specially adapted bungee cord, Aaron rides his wheelchair into a ramp, slinging himself into the air and spinning a clear 720 degrees in the air. He'd done it before, quite a few times, but not without the all-important wheel-based landing, resulting in more than a few nasty crashes.Despite being born with spina bifida, Aaron refused to let that stop his pursuit of thrills, first perfecting the wheelchair-based grind, carve and powerslide before moving onto the full-fledged backflip and, now, double backflip. Check out the video of the stunt in question below.


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