Thursday, August 5, 2010

BlackTrail BT-01 Electric Bike Retails for $80,000

By Caleb Johnson
Green vehicles, for many people, have become status symbols rather than just modes of transportation. For example, take the BlackTrail BT-01 electric bike. Manufactured in a limited run of 667 models by Germany's PG-Bikes, this electric hog retails for around $80,000. It's built from lightweight carbon fiber and aerospace aluminum, and weighs just 44 pounds. A 2.5 hour charge on the 17Ah Li-ion battery pack gets you 120 miles, and the BlackTrail bike can get up to speeds of 65mph. Though the high price tag is primarily buying you the right to say you're part of a select group of 667 who can afford a glorified dirt bike, the BlackTrail would admittedly ride circles around other electric bikes we've seen. [From: Engadget and PG-Bikes]

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