Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Vistoso Saddle - First Impressions...

Got a chance to ride the new Serfas "Vistoso" saddle today. Vistoso (prononuced Viss - toe - soe) means beautiful, eye catching, delightful, and spectacular. This saddle certainly lives up to that standard. I like the graphics displayed on the Vistoso and it looks amazing on the bike. I put about 20 miles on it this morning and here are my first impressions.
-Visually appealing - looks great, cool graphics, nice design
-Lightweight - Only 260 grams
-Performance driven design
-Value - MSRP $55 for a saddle like this - amazing value.
-A bit firm for my taste. Strictly a personal preference, but if you are a looking for a firm - performance oriented saddle- the Vistoso is for you.
Overall first impression - the Vistoso saddle is a fantastic, value oriented performance perch that delivers a lot of what you want, but wont break the bank. Compared to saddles of similar characteristics and quality that retail for $100+ and I think you'll agree, the Vistoso is a winner.

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