Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finley's Annual TDF Party

Since the innagural Tour De France in 1903, the Finley's have opened up their home on the 3rd week of July. They have done this every year for 106 years. That's right Diane is 135 years old! Does'nt she look great? Their current abode features a spectacular backyard that covers a 1/4 acre of lush plants, flowers, and a variety of artistic features. Our favorite has always been the blue bottle "plant". The Finley's added a great sunset viewing deck (handmade by Thomas of course) about 2 years ago. The sunset deck is usually the popular spot for the true party animals since it hosts the infamous Tequilla bar. Thomas will put out 20 different varietals of his favorite liqour made of agave. Add in about 75 of your closest friends and voila - you have a bonifide TDF party.

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